Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing vs. Therapy and the First Threads of Creativity


As I have always thought - writing is therapeutic! It can drive you crazy sometimes, but still keeps you sane. That is why I write. If I give other characters serious problems I feel I might not have those problems myself.

Some advice, huh? So far it hasn't worked completely, but I'm still working on it.

I am excited to share my thoughts and feelings with you as I venture into the world of Parbraven.

I thought for my first blog I would just tell you a little about the Everstar Series and where I got the title for the first book "The Vivatera."

I think I am most creative when I wake up around 4 am and try my hardest to get back to sleep. My body is tired enough to rest but my brain is wide awake with fresh thoughts and ideas. It's like a naughty child that doesn't want to go back to sleep. I hate that naughty child....

Throughout my life I have always been writing, or thinking about writing, and I was working on something completely different, something that was taking way too much thought, when my brain came up with a simple idea.

Most dreams can be traced to a conversation or idea or movie a lot of the time... I had been talking to my mother a few days previous and she asked, if I ever got a tattoo where and what would it be. I didn't have a response when my mom told me she would get a tiny fairy on her backside. (sorry Mom...) And after considering it, I think I would get a golden snitch... somewhere... :) But while thinking about the philosophy that comes with a tattoo I came to a conclusion: a tattoo is a choice. So what if you didn't have a choice? What if you were branded and didn't know anything about it? That was the first threads that led me to a simple early morning dream of a sweet girl who was marked.

The simple idea led to a synopsis, which led to a time-line, and ultimately led me far away from my original idea, but all for the best.

My book was originally called something else - as most books are - but the title (which I will not disclose for fear it may spoil something) helped propel my direction in the book, so for that I am grateful. The Vivatera just happened. I like double entendres and it fit perfectly.
Think about that one... hmmmmm...


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