About the Author

Self Portrait on the
Blood Bank Wall
Candie was born on the luckiest day of the year and considers herself half pixie.

Her humble upbringing helped her create an entertaining environment filled with the imaginary, like teaching cows to skateboard or being banished from the country fields for running naked like a native in the mountain air. That was where the first threads of creativity began.

She loves charm, humor, and the thrill of being spontaneous. There is nothing so therapeutic than rolling down a hill.

She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, two girls, and her tailless - very confused cat.


Literary Geekery

Weasley as Harry's running mate?  No wonder he lost. Next time go for Granger.
First in line for the Midnight Celebration of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book Release

 Midnight Book Release for Deathly Hallows
Jan (Hermione) * Me (Luna) * Becka (Marietta)
Breaking Dawn Release Party with the Neighborhood girls

Katniss Everdeen
Hanging with Shannon Hale at the Writer's Workshop held at the Treehouse Museum Odgen, Utah